Orcs are all but unknown in Ravenloft, even as creatures of legend. However, creatures do exist that fill the half-orc’s role: calibans. Thankfully rare, calibans are twisted humans exposed to curses or foul magic while still in the womb. The birth of a caliban in a community is often seen as a sure sign of the presence of witchcraft—specifically, the corrupting presence of a hag.

Calibans are physically powerful but strange-looking humanoids. No two calibans look alike, but common traits include twisted backs or limbs, asymmetrical features, bristly skin, or tusklike teeth.

Calibans are widely considered brutish, gangrel creatures; their name is a corruption of “cannibal”. In truth, many calibans are simplistic, petty brutes, but this is more likely to be the product of their harsh treatment than any innate tendencies. Rejected as monsters, most calibans spend their lives hidden in dark cellars, or flee civilization to roam the wilds.

In truth, a caliban’s heart can be as pure and noble as that of any human.

Base Outcast Rating: 5

Calibans use the statistics of half-orcs.


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