Two seemingly unrelated elven societies exist in Ravenloft. The elves of Darkon tend to have dark hair and eyes of green, violet, or gray. Elves from the domain of Sithicus all share the traits of silvery hair and amber eyes. Both groups share the basic elven traits of pointed ears, vulpine features, and short builds.

Elves prefer to dress in light, fine fabrics like silk or satin. Sithican elves prefer drab colors, but the fashion of Darkonian elves is set by season: Pastel greens and blues are worn in the summer, followed by yellows, oranges and reds as the trees turn color in the autumn. During the winter months, the Darkonian elves restrict themselves to black, white, or gray tones, to be replaced by an explosion of colors with the coming of spring.

The “fair folk” are children of nature, respected by some humans but quietly feared by most. They measure their lives in centuries and lack the sense of urgency that seems to drive humans. In times of need, elves can react as quickly as any other race, but they see nothing wrong with dedicating months or years to perfecting a sonnet, observing beauty, or engaging in the pursuit of pleasure.

Humans often call elves hedonistic an claim that they only have a bystander’s understanding of death. In fact, in some lands, elves are commonly thought to be fey creatures, immortal nature spirits merely aping the human form. More than one unfortunate elf has had her immortality tested by the inquisitors of Tepest.

Homelands: Darkon’s Mistlands contan three primarily elven communities—Neblus, Nevuchar Springs, and Sidnar—where elves mingle freely with other races. On the far side of the Core, Sithicus stands as the only domain with a primarily nonhuman population. Legends speak of still more elven cities hidden from human eyes by powerful elven magic or the Mists.

Elves occasionally settle in human lands, where they can become respected scholars. In some locales, tales circulate of elves who served as advisers to entire human dynasties.

Base Outcast Rating: 3


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