Half-Vistani (or giogoto in the Vistani language) are the result of a union between a human—usually a Vistani, though this is only because the Vistani tend to be the only ones willing to enter the Mists—and a mysterious type of Mists-dwelling fey called a giorgio. Exactly what the giorgio are is up for debate. Some even speculate that they aren’t fey at all, but a type of demon, or an elemental of the Mists themselves. Regardless, the traits they inherit from their supernatural parents invariably separate the giogoto off from normal humans.

The giogoto could be best compared to tieflings, albeit with more of a fey bent, and disregarding the fact that tieflings are almost unheard of on the Demiplane of Dread. Hag-born changelings would also be a good comparison. Most half-Vistani raised by their Vistani parent, regardless of who birthed them. Stories abound, however, of children kept or stolen by the giorgio parent, raised in the mists or forests to be more fey than human. Others still speak of half-Vistani abandoned in shame, or given to unwitting villager families unaware of the infant’s nature—a story often twisted by xenophobia to speak of child swaps and changelings.

Personality: Half-Vistani tend to spend their lives haunted by their youth; a rejected child often matures into a sullen and withdrawn adult. It is no small matter to straddle the cultural rift of their birth, so most giogoto choose to adopt one culture or the other. Regardless of the heritage they favor, half-Vistani tend to be passionate and pessimistic individuals.

Physical Description:: Half-Vistani resemble their Vistani parents, often inheriting their angular and aquiline features, eyes and hair of deep brown or black, and dusky or olive complexions. Of curse, giogoto often exhibit traits of their giorgio heritage as well. These traits are extremely varied, but might include elfin ears, vines of bindweed growing harmlessly from their arms, small horns, eyes that glow when angered, a flower that grows within their hair, always growing back if cut, and so on.

Relations: Giogoto are caught between two worlds; non-Vistani treat them like Vistani, and Vistani treat them like aberrations. It is not uncommon for half-Vistani to b more accepting toward other “unwelcome” creatures, such as calibans and goblins.

Alignment: Giogoto ethical alignment tends toward chaos, but they are no more inherently good or evil than their human kin.

Religion: The Vistani worship no gods and have many legends of their cruel mistreatment at the hands of godlike beings in the distant past. Some Vistani, particularly those of the Vatraska tribe, treat fate, the Mists, and the forces of nature with a respect that approaches reverence, however.

Language: Aside from the domain languages of their homeland, giogoto who embrace their Vistani heritage often also learn patterna, the Vistani’s spoken language, and tralaks, the Vistani system of trail symbols.

Half-Vistani Racial Traits

  • +2 Charisma: Although almost indistinguishable from humans in most regards, something about a giogoto seems to attract attention.
  • Medium size.
  • Half-Vistani base land speed is 30 feet.
  • Nature Affinity: Either through their fey heritage or some lingering teachings from their wandering tribe, Half-Vistani gain a +2 bonus on Survival checks, and can always succeed in lighting a campfire, even in harsh conditions such as pouring rain and gusting winds.
  • Voice of Wrath: Half-Vistanis gain Voice of Wrath as a bonus feat, gaining a +4 bonus on all Curse checks.
  • Moon Madness: A giogoto suffers from what Vistani call the lunatio during the full moon each month, their mind clouded with restlessness and anxiety from their fey half. If they fall victim to the lunatio, they are always able to replenish spells, even if they don’t have time to “study” them, and they heal naturally at double the rate. If they resist it, they cannot prepare spells or heal naturally during this period. On each of the three nights of the full moon, the half-Vistani must succeed at a Will save (DC 15) or run wild under the night sky.
  • Outcast Rating: 4
    *Automatic Languages: Any domain language. Bonus languages: Domain languages, patterna (including tralaks), Dwarven, Elven, Gnome, Goblin.


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