Ravenloft Feats

The following feats are unique to the Ravenloft setting.

Back to the Wall [combat]

You are at your best when your situation is at its worst. The minions of evil may overwhelm you, but the gods be damned if you don’t take a few of them with you.
Prerequisite: BAB +2
Benefit: You gain a +2 to attack rolls and Armor Class when you are at one quarter or less of your maximum hit points.

Cold One

You were once drained of your energy, and though you survived, you have been cold and clammy to the touch ever since.
Benefit: Mindless undead ignore you unless you attack them first. Intelligent undead must make a Wisdom check, DC 13, to realize that you are not undead. When you are dying, you lost hit points at the rate of only 1 HP per two rounds. However, you recover only half HP for normal rest.


You are particularly fearless in the face of danger.
Benefit: You get a +4 bonus to all saves against fear.

Dead Man Walking [combat]

After a brush with the horrors of the night, you accept that you are living on borrowed time.
Benefit: Upon making a successful save against fear or Depravity, you receive a +2 bonus to all saving throws and skill checks for the duration of the encounter due to the icy calm with which you face mortal danger. The recognition that everyone dies sometime can be a source of strength.


You can see creatures in the Near Ethereal. Since ghosts make up the majority of creatures in Ravenloft’s Near Ethereal, folklore views this as the ability to see the dead.
Prerequisite: You must have had a brush with death (been reduced to -1 HP or lower, or slain and brought back to life).
Benefit: You can see creatures that are ethereal as if they were normally visible, though you cannot hear or physically affect them.
Special: You are strangely attuned to the Ethereal Plane. Ethereal creatures can see you unusually clearly and must succeed at a Perception check, DC 20, to realize that you are not actually in the Near Ethereal as well. These creatures may even be drawn to you out of curiosity, desperation, or malice.


The spirit of a friend, ally, or loved one has returned from the grave to watch over you as a geist.
Prerequisite: Obviously, someone close to you must have died.
Benefit: Your guardian spirit normally remains in the Near Ethereal. Those who can see ethereal creatures may spot the geist lurking near you, but it is otherwise invisible and intangible. The geist acts as a second pair of eyes and ears when it manifests, allowing you a second roll on Perception checks related to seeing and hearing. The geist can also inform you of events that take place in your presence while you are asleep or unconscious, or can simply offer companionship.
Special: The geist communicates through phantasms, it cannot affect physical objects. You can ask the geist to manifest whenever you are alone. The geist immediately vanishes if another intelligent, living creature enters the scene. You can summon the geist as often as you want, but each time it manifests, it inflicts 1 point of temporary Charisma damage as it unconsciously draws strength from your will to live.


Like an experienced investigator or a veteran of the Dead Man’s Campaign, you have been hardened against the horrors of the world by cruel experience.
Benefit: You gain a +4 to all saves against Depravity.


Your mind and body are tied to the cycles of the moon, making you more energetic and excitable as the moon waxes.
Benefit: You have a 1 bonus to all attack rolls, Fortitude and Reflex saves, and Charisma-based skills whenever the moon is gibbous (more than half full. This bonus rises to 2 during the three-night period of the full moon. During the three-night period of the new moon, you suffer a -2 penalty to these rolls instead. These modifiers are flipped for Will saves—+2 during the new moon, -1 during the gibbous moon, and -2 during the full moon.


According to the folklore of some domains, people born with red hair have been marked by the fey.
Prerequisite: Wis 11+.
Benefit: Choose one 1st-level spell, or two orisons, from the druid spell list. The spell/s must be chosen when the feat is taken. You can cast the spell/s once per day as spell-like abilities, as a druid equal to you caster level. Like a druid, you must select a time of day when you regain the spell, but you do not need to spend time preparing it.
Special: You may only take this feat at the beginning of the game. You don’t need to have this feat to have red hair.


You have vague, dreamlike memories of a former life. You even possess skills you’ve never knowingly learned.
Benefit: Choose two skills you do not have as class skills. These skills are always considered class skills for you. Your spirit was reborn because it is emotionally linked to two creatures that have lingered in this world—one a friend, one a foe. If you ever encounter either “soul mates”, they will instinctively recognize you, and you gain a +4 bonus to all Charisma-based skill checks with them.
Special: You may only take this feat at the beginning of the game.

Voice of Wrath

The unseen forces of vengeance heed your commands.
Benefit: You gain a +4 bonus to all curse checks.

Ravenloft Feats

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