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Reign of Winter in the Realm of Dread

Ravenloft: A demiplane of gothic horror, where not every fight is one you can win, where life is painful and death is costly. A world split apart between numerous domains, some the size of a whole kingdom, some the size of a single room. A world of curses and spite. A world where good is a hard struggle and evil is convenient.

Your characters might have lived in the harsh rural domain of Barovia their whole life, or they might have come from beyond the mists that separate domains. Travel between domains is always somewhat precarious—you never know where the mists will take you, really—but far from impossible as long as you follow a charted Mistway.

Soon, the characters will be called upon to go far beyond the little town they’ve come to call home in order to save it. Strange fey creatures stalk the night. An unseasonable winter approaches from within the mists. A distant darklord’s machinations could very well threaten the entire Demiplane of Dread, and everyone in it. Will you be able to fight the reign of winter? Or will you fall, as so many have, to the wicked world of the Mists?

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Heldren, the town the campaign starts in.



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